Rethinking African Development

Poverty has a face! It has the face of a child; it has the face of a family; it has the face of people, young and old. It has the face of widespread unemployment and lack of opportunity. It has the face of forced migrations, and of empty or destroyed homes.

Can Africa be lifted out of poverty?

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It seems that every time that any African country is in the news it’s because of a natural disaster, political turmoil, war or human migration. How often do we see images of prosperity that come out of this continent? Can Africa be lifted out from poverty?

Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann speaks with JENA director Fr. Charles Chilufya, S.J.

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The Future of Work in Sub-Saharan Africa

Fr. Charles Chilufya, S.J.

The future of work in Sub-Saharan Africa will be shaped by shifts and disruptions that have been impacting the world of work, and will continue to do so, which will include the diffusion and adoption of digital technologies. Though much greater in impact in Sub-Saharan Africa, COVID-19 is one of the many shocks that are causing systemic shifts and disruptions in labour markets on the continent, which is already marked by serious vulnerability and informality.


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