Rethinking African development with shared prosperity and decent jobs especially for the youth

Africa is a land of contradictions normally termed the paradox of plenty. While the continent has very substantial reserves of arable land, water, hydropower and mineral wealth, most countries within it rank among the poorest in the world. In the current knowledge economy what matters is no longer raw material but knowledge that creates value from those raw materials. Africa needs to take advantage of its comparative advantage and say no when need be. Africa has abundant land and natural resources and a young workforce that it can leverage as a global competitive advantage and a great asset in driving economic transformation. This transformation will come through diversifying Africa’s economies, boosting its competitiveness in world markets, increasing its shares of manufacturing in GDP, and developing more sophisticated technology in production. 

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JENA works towards a just, poverty-free and
ecologically regenerative Africa where people can unlock their full potential, free from direct, cultural, and structural violence.