Responsible business and corporate accountability

Business has a role in economic and social development if it is done responsibly and in ways that not merely focus on profit maximisation but on value creation. Sustainable business is not only about running companies with an eye to the future but also minimising the company’s negative impact on society, complying with international ethical practices and contributing to positive social change. JENA believes that the impacts of the activities of multinational corporations and business in general should be at the heart of development discussions


JENA’s work on corporate accountability and responsible business is focused on programmes for formation of business leaders, helping them in personal development and their appreciation of business as a vocation. The promotion of the link between business and society and the role of business in development also demands a shift in the consciousness levels, virtues and values of business leaders.

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JENA works towards a just, poverty-free and
ecologically regenerative Africa where people can unlock their full potential, free from direct, cultural, and structural violence.