13 December, 2021

Author: Bryan P. Galligan, S.J.


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Bryan P. Galligan and Sasha Kinney, “Providing Access or Taking Sides? Blue Growth, Small-Scale Fisheries, and the Case of Lamu, Kenya,” Promotio Iustitiae 132 (December 2021): 87–94.


When the prophet Ezekiel received a vision promising his people’s return from exile, he saw a miraculous river flowing from the threshold of the rebuilt Jerusalem temple (Ezek. 47:1-12). As the waters flowed east, the river became deeper and gained strength, bringing life to all it touched and renewing relationships both human and ecological. As one commentator argues, this post-trauma promise of consolation was as much about “restoration of the land” as “restoration to the land” (Copeland, 2019, pp. 214-215, emphasis in original). Ezekiel’s vision of restoration also included an abundance of fish, notable both for their beauty and their role as food.

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