Peaceful societies promoted by sustainable development

It is established that conflict is a poverty driver and poverty itself is a threat to peace. There is a growing international consensus that governance, peace and security are important for development and vice versa. There is indeed much evidence to support this claim. Conflicts in places like Congo DR, Mali, Syria, Libya and the Central African Republic have significantly reversed development gains and threaten to undermine long-term development planning and policy implementation. JENA is conscious of the negative effects of conflict and war, misrule, poverty and of the failure of development, which include forced displacement of populations who end up as refugees, asylum seekers or even economic migrants. Globally, coordinated efforts are therefore necessary to ensure the humane and dignified treatment of people forced to leave their countries as a result of conflict. JENA engages in research and analysis regarding the peace and security issues identified for an African perspective. Given that peace and security are global public goods and prerequisites for inclusive and sustainable development JENA will leverage its collaborative partnerships to advocate for collective global action based on a deep understanding of underlying problems, comprehensive approaches for preventing conflict, and resolutions that take root causes of conflicts into account. JENA will advocate for policies that promote social justice and cohesion by providing social protection, creating decent jobs, fostering gender equality and strengthening resilience.
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