Our Areas Of Impact

Our Areas of Impact
We work collaboratively with communities whose voices and life-ways have been marginalised and who may experience an intersection of multiple forms of injustice; we empower marginalised voices, communities and groups, and we facilitate policy innovation through rigorous, evidence-based with grass-root experience research and analysis, education, advocacy and consultation

Governance and inclusive political participation

The democratization processes in Africa are beset with many political obstacles and tensions. Despite major achievements in this respect, the African continent still confronts frequent social uprisings and electoral violence. The foundation of our work is our belief that poor and marginalised people can gain control over their own lives by exercising their right to political participation, freedom of expression and information, freedom of assembly and access to justice. But these rights are at risk in many parts of Africa and the first to face the brunt of human rights deprivation are the women, youth, and other vulnerable groups.

Rethinking African development

Rethinking African development with shared prosperity and decent jobs especially for the youthAfrica is a land of contradictions normally termed the paradox of plenty. While the continent has very substantial reserves of arable land, water, hydropower and mineral wealth, most countries within it rank among the poorest in the world.

Peaceful societies

It is established that conflict is a poverty driver and poverty itself is a threat to peace. There is a growing international consensus that governance, peace and security are important for development and vice versa.

corporate accountability

Business has a role in economic and social development if it is done responsibly and in ways that not merely focus on profit maximisation but on value creation. Sustainable business is not only about running companies with an eye to the future but also minimising the company’s negative impact on society, complying with international ethical practices and contributing to positive

Domestic resource mobilization

The promotion of sustainable development and the eradication of poverty require sufficient and the right type of finance. Over the last 50 years of independence African countries have by and large relied on Official Development Assistance (ODA) inflows and on external borrowing both of which have not brought about the needed development. Even if the current rates of commitment are met,

Climate justice and sustainable food

Climate change is an issue of justice and protection of life. Climate change impacts disproportionally the marginalised communities and people in Africa. Climate change is an issue of justice and protection of life. It impacts disproportionally the marginalised communities and people in Africa.

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JENA works towards a just, poverty-free and
ecologically regenerative Africa where people can unlock their full potential, free from direct, cultural, and structural violence.