Pope Francis addresses Leaders’ Summit on Climate

Pope Francis addressed the Leaders Summit on Climate, saying that the world faced a challenge to care for nature in the post-pandemic era. “We know that one doesn’t come out of a crisis the same way we entered. We come out either better or worse. The Pope spoke during a US-hosted climate summit that began yesterday. More than 40 world leaders are attending the two-day virtual gathering convened by President Biden.


INTERPRETER: It leads us to be stewards of nature, this gift that we have received and that we must care for into the future. This means– this is increasingly significant because it is a challenge we face in the post-pandemic era. We need to keep moving forward. And we know that one doesn’t come out of a crisis the same way one entered. We come out either better or worse. We need to ensure that the environment is cleaner, more pure. It needs to be preserved. We must care for nature so that nature may care for us. I wish you great success during this meeting. What a wonderful idea to meet together, and I will be with you every step of the way.

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