Joint Tax Audits between Developed and Developing Countries

Jörg Alt CharlesB. Chilufya This chapter presents the case for joint tax audits, especially between developed and developing countries, and presents the experiences of Germany and Bavaria. The authors propose including joint tax audits in double tax agreements as this would greatly benefit attempts of developing countries to recover lost revenues and mobilize resources for development. The authors identify the legal foundations and international political commitments for joint tax audits and explore reasons why the instrument has only been applied on a limited basis. This chapter argues that joint tax audits are an important instrument for advancing developing countries towards tax justice and a better future for their citizens. They are among the most suitable responses in today’s increasingly borderless economy and the current context of increasing international transactions by corporations, trusts, other enterprises, and individuals. The growing internationalization of business transactions implies that revenue bodies will have to collaborate…




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“Prepare the Future”: Unblocking Global Finance for Post-COVID-19 Recovery in Sub-Saharan Africa In order to sufficiently recover from the harsh impacts of the COVID-19 shock,

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JENA Lauds Donor Nations’ Support

Press Release The Jesuit Justice and Ecology Network – Africa (JENA) has welcomed the international community’s generous gesture to support poorer countries’ recovery efforts in

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Omicron: Holy Anger from Africa!

By Charles B. Chilufya, S.J A couple of days ago, the champion of justice ,equity and humanity, Dr. Ayoade Alakija of the African Union’s Vaccine Delivery Alliance expressed

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